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Poor Self-Perceived Oral Health and Associated Factors among 13 Years old Adolescents Using Chi-Squared Automatic interaction Detection Decision Tree Analysis
Saber Babazadeh
Comparison the Effects of Eyebrow Lifting, With Two Conventional Surgical Methods and the Method of Using Barbed Yarns
Ahmad Motaghi
Effect of aerobic training on rate of total antioxidant capacity In ratsexposed to Wi-Fi radiation
Pourfazeli B
Knowledge, attitude and practice of female students about breast self-examination in Yasuj University of Medical Sciences in 2016
Mohammad Pirouze
Epidemiologic Study of Spinal Injuries Referred to the Legal Medicine Office in Boyerahmad City in 2016
Zafar Masoumi Moghaddam
Frequency of performing PAP smears its motives and obstacles in women referring to gynecology clinic of Yasuj city
Mahmoodi Fatemeh
Letrozole Therapy Intensifies (Accelerates) Arthralgia by Enhancing Inflammatory Cytokunes in Ovariectomized Rats
Ehsanollah sadeghi
Evaluation of Epidemiological, Laboratory and Clinical Features of Scorpion Sting in Shaheed Beheshti and Imam Sajjad Hospitals (Yasuj) from the Beginning of 2005 to the End of the First Half of 2009
Owrang Eilami
Effect of Space Velocity and Temperature of Gas in the Oxidative Coupling of Methane, OCM Reactor
Mahmoud bayanak
Halo bacterium Salinarum immobilized on Barium Hexaferrite increases microwave Adsorption Behavior
Jafar Mohamadian Mosaabadi
Tracing the Inclinations of Major Powers in Arab Israeli Conflict: Identifying Religious ideologies shaping up the Alliance System in Middle East
Syed Waheedullah
CPEC: The Challenges, Political Impediments, Threats and the Development in Pakistan
Zulfiqar Nazir
Bases of the Mitigation Doctrine in Iranian Law and International sale of Goods convention (1980)
Javade Behrooz
The comparative study of angiogenesis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and control group and its correlation with bone marrow infiltration pattern and clinical stage
Shahnaz Eskandari
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